Gentlemen (2016) 


Photographs taken inside a male public toilet in London.

G(r)ay Area (2016) 


Photographs of façades of urban places in London where men meet in order to engage in sexual activity.

From the Bathhouse (2014) 

When visiting a bathhouse, guests are required to wear a white towel provided by the establishment. The wearing of the white towel is an essential element of such visits. The towel both covers one’s sex and at the same time strips all patrons of any traces of social construct and identity. This piece consists of a photograph of a white towel obtained when visiting a bathhouse.

Out of the Bathhouse (2015) 

In gay bathhouses, the wearing of the white towel allows one to temporarily shrug off any social construct and experience anonymity, stripped of any traces of taste, class, or any other sort of social denominator suggested by one’s clothes. The photographs in this ongoing series are comprised of self-portraits of the artist. The photographs depict the environment of his daily endeavours, showing his own social identity, tastes or social status, in an attempt to construct a portrait depicting his personality or individuality. Once the arrangements for the portrait are finalized, a white towel obtained from a visit to a bathhouse is placed over his face in order to conceal his identity and turn him into an anonymous figure.

Of Black Holes And Other Glories (2013)

Glory Holes are holes on the wall which divide cubicles in public toilets. They are normally found in public toilets in shopping centres, train stations, etc. They are also commonly found in sex clubs. They are made with the intention of observing the person on the other side of the partition or to engage in sexual intercourse.

The Skin Of The Photograph (2013)

These images were produced by photographing group sex activities broadcasted online. The participants engaged in such activities do not wear any type of protection against sexually transmitted diseases, practicing  what is known as Barebacking. The photographs were taken by placing a condom in front of the camera lens. 

Come Inside Me (2013)

Photographs of the entrance of shops that sell pornographic films.  

Adult (2013)

Photographs of shops that sell pornographic magazines.

Status Unknown (2011)

These images were produced by photographing the semen of men who engage in sexual activities with strangers. They meet through online social networks, at sex clubs or cruising grounds in London, all of whom were unsure of their HIV status at the time they were photographed. The semen was photographed against a white background using film and the colours were later inverted digitally from white to black. By inverting the colours, the negative is turned into a positive. At first glance, the pieces look like black boxes. Upon closer inspection, it is possible to realise that there is an image. When observing the image, the observer sees his or her reflection upon the representation of the semen of a stranger.

Waiting For Desire (2011)

Photographs of cruising grounds in London where strangers meet in order to have anonymous sexual encounters.

After Dark (2010)

Photographs exploring the relationship of architectural spaces and uncanny experiences through the aura of figurative absence in urban landscapes.

Transition (2010)

Influenced by the mysterious disappearance of a relative, this single piece is a response to Bibiano’s own awareness of death.

Anima (2008)

An imaginary scenario, invested with discomfort, exploring vague feelings and moods, the receptiveness to the irrational, and the relation to the unconscious.